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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to "provide healing and grace to hungry hearts" just the way Jesus did.

Our Objectives

We seek to glorify God in worship, to invite all to the great grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, to teach an ever-deepening knowledge of the inspired Holy Scriptures, and to serve Jesus and one another.

Our History

In late spring of 1999 several families met together in homes for a few months, studying scriptures, praying, and seeking God's will.  By autumn, the will of God led them to begin a new church as "they were all with one accord and in one place."  On November 14, 1999, a charter membership service was held with Tim Chesser as pastor.  As the years followed, Significant milestones have been blessed by God and Great Hope Bible Church has grown in number as well as spiritual ministries.

Our Pastors and Staff:
John Mark



Music Director
We are looking for someone to fill this position please contact us if interested

Board of Elders
John Reeves
Kevin Reeves
Jay Meares
David Mowry
Contact Elders

Carl Fondelheit

Administrative Assistant


Minister of Pastoral Care


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